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Equipment Rental

Photo of Tractors in a field
Photo Credit Marisa Hossick

When scheduling an equipment rental, please provide information regarding who will be billed for the work and if it is an individual or business. If the project is for land that you lease, but do not own, the landowner must provide authorization for the work. All work requests need to be placed with the office.

Water delivery for the following year may be delayed or denied on delinquent accounts and the amount may eventually become a lien against the property.

This service is only for District patrons and irrigation related projects.

The equipment rental rates are per hour and includes an operator. Please add $10.00 per hour for laser with equipment.

Equipment Rental Pricing

Laser Survey (1 hour minimum)$50.00
Move-in Charge (each piece of equipment)$75.00
D-4 Cat$85.00
D-6 Cat$95.00
D-8 Cat$95.00
D-8 Cat with Ditcher$105.00
160 Excavator$95.00
Mini Excavator$100.00
320L/321DLCR Excavator$105.00
Skid Steer Tracked Loader$100.00
420D Backhoe$90.00
410B Backhoe$85.00
613 Scraper$100.00
Dump Truck (10 yard)$75.00
Dump Truck (5 yard)$65.00
Locator (1 hour minimum)$40.00
Water Truck $50.00
Air Compressor$40.00
Add $10 per hour for laser w/equipment 

 ***The District can no longer clean drains or ditches without charging***

Updated 4/19/23

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