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Water Sources

Water for the project comes from both the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers. Water travels out of Wickiup Reservoir into the Deschutes River, where it is diverted to the North Unit main canal in Bend. From there, the water reaches users via the district’s 65 miles of main canal and 235 miles of laterals.

The Bureau of Reclamation operates a network of automated monitoring stations located throughout the Pacific Northwest, referred to as Hydromet. This remote data collection provides cost-effective, near-real-time water management capability. To see reservoir capacities, river flows and canal flows in the Deschutes & Crooked River Basin please click on the following link: Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region Hydromet Program

For additional information about the district facilities please click on the following link: Projects & Facilities – Bureau of Reclamation

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